Guidelines & Regulations
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Strategic Planning Committee Guidelines and Recommendations

  • The needs of our students and the people we serve are paramount. We should strive to maintain diversity in our students, faculty/staff, and clientele.
  • There should be open and sufficient communication regarding decisions.
  • Allow departments and county offices to have input to decisions affecting them.
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) budgets should not be converted to faculty/staff salaries.
  • Classified staff should be largely untouched, not converted to faculty/staff salaries.
  • Make realignments instead of cuts, whenever possible.
  • Do not combine Cooperative Extension Service and Academic departments.
  • Do not penalize departments regarding tenure decisions.
  • Do not close county Extension offices.
  • Do not overburden remaining faculty/staff without giving adequate resources and recognition.
  • Try not to cut graduate assistantships.