Graduate Students

Damon Peterson

Damon is studying the ecology of the charismatic White Sands pupfish.

Image of Damon in White Sands pupfish habitat

Lauren Kremer

Lauren earned a B.S. from Colorado State University in Biology with an ecological concentration. Her interest in conservation of aquatic biodiversity led to her current studies of aquatic invertebrate physiology and biotic interactions. Her goal is to better understand the impacts of climate change and other disturbances have on biological communities and disseminate the importance of biodiversity conservation to future generations.

Kremer with fish

Alex Vaisvil

Alex received his BS in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Environmental Studies from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Growing up he spent most of his time on or around water. Before NMSU he spent time assisting with research in Ohio, Kentucky and Alaska focused on anything from Carrion Beetle pheromone determination to stable isotope work on Asian Carp. His current work is focused on validating the use of Largemouth Bass dorsal spines in strontium isotope analysis and subsequently determining the natal origin of Largemouth Bass in Elephant Butte Reservoir, hopefully guiding the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish in their future management decisions.

Alex with LMB

Tyler Wallin

Tyler is pursuing his passion for native trout conservation. After earning his B.A. in Biology at McKendree University in Southern Illinois, Tyler worked for the summer on the Ashley National Forest in Utah. Tyler is currently working on establishing a stream temperature and intermittency monitoring network in the Gila National Forest and hopes to expand his research to better aide in the determination and protection of critical habitat for Gila trout.

Tyler relaxing

Lauren Flynn

Since graduating from Whitman College in 2011, Lauren has snorkeled the Entiat River in Washington, jet-boated the Susitna River in Alaska, rafted the Yellowstone and Smith rivers in Montana, and horse-packed into Mystery Lake in Wyoming—all in the pursuit of salmonid conservation. She started work on her Master’s degree in January 2017, studying the impacts of brown trout on Rio Grande Cutthroat trout.

Flynn flying

Unit Staff

Dr. Brock Huntsman

Dr. Brock Huntsman (Post-doctoral Researcher) – Brock is a stream ecologist, with a strong interest in habitat selection theory, bioenergetics, and metapopulation dynamics. His research has focused on brook trout metapopulation dynamics (Ph.D. dissertation), and broad scale modeling of factors limiting Chinook salmon productivity in an Alaskan watershed. His research at NMSU will be to explore the susceptibility of native Rio Grande Cutthroat trout populations to potential climate change scenarios using temperature, flow, and mark-recapture modeling.