Meet the Team

Are you an ACES faculty member wondering if project or research grant funding is available? Not sure how to write a strong grant proposal? Wondering what the steps are to submitting a grant proposal to the funder? Meet your grant maker team below.

Wendy Hamilton

Dr. Wendy V. Hamilton

Aside from receiving immense satisfaction from helping others to find grant makers and develop grant proposals, Wendy is quite normal. Her career has been grounded by Cooperative Extension Service positions in four states, six counties, and eleven program areas. Her current position as College Grants and Contracts Development Specialist is commensurate with her twenty- five years of grant writing experience.

Wendy V. Hamilton
P.O. Box 30003 MSC 3AE
Las Cruces, NM 88003
Phone: 575-646-5284

Misty Haynes
238H Gerald Thomas Hall
Phone: 575-646-1999
Fax: 575-646-2301

Alma Villa
238J Gerald Thomas Hall
Phone: 575-646-8097
Fax: 575-646-2301

Anne M. Blackburn
238C Gerald Thomas Hall
Phone: 575-646-7581
Fax: 575-646-2302