ACES Sponsored Programs

As the core component of New Mexico's land-grant institution, New Mexico State University, the college contributes to the well-being of New Mexico's citizens and to the economic vitality of the state through its three major units: Academic Programs (teaching), Agricultural Experiment Station (research), and Cooperative Extension Service (state- and community-based outreach and educational activities). The college has evolved into a New Mexico public research and development organization, maintaining a strong commitment to conduct fundamental, applied, and mission-oriented research and to disseminate the results to the public. High-quality fundamental and applied research and scholarly programs are the vital underpinnings of excellence in the classroom and for providing research-based information and service to the citizens of New Mexico. This is especially important as the college provides research and services not offered by other colleges and universities in the state.

Note: If you are working on funding from Hatch, Regional, McIntire-Stennis, or Animal Health funding, there are special instructions available (they do not use the online system).

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