September 22, 2017

Media Productions

  • The ACES' Media Productions uses a Think Tank format in its Learning Games Lab to involve 49 youth, called youth Consultants, in grades 3-8. Over half-day, week-long camps, the Young Consultants work in teams to document multimedia projects and prototype math learning games. Consultants reflect on their daily experiences through blogging and video journaling while developing media literacy and 21st century skills, such as collaboration, design, and communication. They test the learning games and Extension educational technology currently in development by Media Productions and are mentored by the studio's game designers and artists.

Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Ecology

  • Alexa Martinez, an ACES alumna who majored in Wildlife Science with minors in Biology, Conservation Biology, and Range Science is now a Wildlife Biologist at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Alexa grew up in Chamberino, a small agricultural community in New Mexico. She remembers following her grandpa out to the onion fields and bringing stray animals back home. This is where her love for the outdoors began. While an undergraduate, she volunteered to work in a kangaroo rat project in the Biology Department and for two summers of internships, she served as a research technician at USDA/APHIS/Wildlife Services. By the end of each one of those summers, she was coauthor of a published research paper. Alexa acknowledges the benefits that came from participating in the Natural Resources Career Tracks. An initiative between NMSU and the Forest Service to help minorities gain experience toward being competitive in natural-resources career paths.

Cooperative Extension Service

  • The ACES College welcomed Ruben Chavez Villagran, the Secretary of Rural Development (SDR) of the State of Chihuahua, Mexico. Mr. Chavez Villagran came to NMSU accompanied of five members of his staff to learn about New Mexico cotton seed genetics, biomass conversion processes, animal identification technology, food safety, veterinary studies, and Extension programs. The visit is the fruit of a collaboration that began approximately one year ago and was formalized in June of this year with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between NMSU-ACES and SDR.