Information Technology Resources

Conference Calls

While most on-campus telephones have the ability to connect a four-site conference call, you may need to connect more sites that include both in and out of state participants. NMSU-ICT Voice Services offers Conference Call services to NMSU faculty and staff.

To request a conference call, email and provide the following information:

  • Date of Call
  • Time Frame of Call
  • Total Number of Participants
  • Index Number

Conference Call Fees:
as of January 1, 2015

  • $35.50
  • local on-campus caller, no charge
  • toll charges: .08/per minute/per caller

NMSU-ICT Business Services
(575) 646-5999


The ACES Technology Help Desk has laptops, projectors and digital video cameras available for checkout to ACES faculty and staff. Equipment may be checked out for two days, or special arrangements can be made if the equipment is needed for a longer time. Two iMACS and scanners are also available for ACES faculty and staff use; they are located in GT270 and equipped with MS Office as well as presentation, video, and audio editing software. Contact the ACES Technology Help Desk to reserve your equipment or to schedule a time to use an iMac.

ACES Technology Help Desk
(575) 646-3305

Network Registration Request

If you are coordinating a program or training and have non-NMSU participant(s) needing network access to use their personal devices (laptops, iPads, mobile devices, etc.), a Guest Registration Request must be completed at least one week before the program through NMSU-ICT Customer Service & Help Desk.

Only NMSU faculty/staff (sponsors) may request guest registration and must agree to NMSU's Network Terms of Use when completing the request form. When the account request and registration are approved, access information will be sent to you via e-mail. If you have any questions after you receive access information, contact the ACES Technology Help Desk and we can assist you.

NMSU-ICT Customer Service & Help Desk
(575) 646-1840

Online Survey Tool

Design and distribute online surveys, collect and analyze response using SurveyMonkey. With 15 question types including rating scales, multiple choice, and more, it's easy to create online surveys from scratch. Gather responses with one handy URL by including your link on emails, websites, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Gain insights with real-time charts and graphs, slice and dice data with filters and cross tabs, and download results with a variety of export options.

SurveyMonkey is available at no cost to ACES Faculty and Staff.

Wendy Hamilton
Program Development & Accountability
(575) 646-5284

RSVP: ACES Online Registration System

RSVP is a simple registration web app developed by Media Productions and used by our college to collect RSVPs for meetings and events. The app is free to all ACES county offices, science centers and experiment stations, and departments. Submit event information using the RSVP Request Form and Media Productions will contact you with the link and instructions to download and export the registration information.

This system cannot be used in conjunction with ShopCart to collect online credit card transactions, or complex and multipage registrations. Media Productions can develop custom registration sites, for a fee, and encourages you to contact them for additional information and pricing. The ACES Technology Help Desk can also provide information and training on free web-based tools you can use to customize your program.

Media Productions
(575) 646-3216

Software: Work at Home Media

The Microsoft Campus Agreement (MCA) allows use of the most popular Microsoft products on all computers owned by NMSU participating departments. Work at Home rights are granted for all software products available through this agreement.

Work at Home Media is available for purchase by faculty, staff, and graduate assistants employed by participating departments, for installation on their home computers for work at home purposes only and is not for personal use. All participants are responsible for the installation on home computers. If a participating department employee terminates employment with the participating department, they must remove any MCA software installed on their home computers.

Delivery and payment of the media is also available to off-campus participants-- contact NMSU-ICT for details.

as of October 1, 2012

  • Office 2010 (Windows): $11
  • Office 2011 (Mac): $9
  • Windows 7 (Professional Upgrade): $9

NMSU-ICT Software Licensing
Computer Center Building, Rm. 148
(575) 646-7786