Microsoft Office Resources

Several websites offer free, online training resources for all Microsoft Office products, whether you are a beginner or advanced user. In addition to online videos, training sites offer user guides and quick tips on a variety of topics. Visit the websites listed for a list of their training topic and schedules.

Individual and office trainings are available and can be customized to meet your training needs. Contact the ACES Technology Help Desk for additional information and set your training date with our IT Specialist.

Outlook 2010

  • ACES Address Book -
    Find out how to get the latest ACES Address book updates for your email client.
  • Custom Guides for Office 2010 -
    Custom Guide has free customizable courses, as well as free printable materials and skills assessments.
  • -
    Lynda is an online subscription learning resource that offers over 500 courses in several applications.
  • Microsoft's Online Training Site -
    Microsoft offers interactive audio/video trainings on each of their Office 2010 applications.
  • Organizing Emails in Outlook -
    Get the basics of storing Outlook information, and learn to manage information so E-mail becomes a time saver instead of a time waster. You'll discover how to create folders, move and copy information, and manipulate properties to fine-tune your folders.

Word 2010

  • Microsoft Word 2010 Tutorials -
    Videos on all the new features of Word 2010.
  • Word 2010 Keyboard shortcuts -
    A list of all the standard shortcuts for formatting and other functions.
  • MS Word: AutoCorrect Tool -
    The AutoCorrect feature in MS Word automatically corrects many common typing and spelling errors, and can also insert text automatically for you.
  • Selecting Text in MS Word -
    To move text or copy it from one place to another in Word, you have to select it first.
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Cross Walks -
    Microsoft offers an interactive guide for users that have recently upgraded to Office 2010. It points out the locations of all your favorite 2003/2007 functions in the newest versions of Microsoft Office applications.
  • Creating Styles in MS Word -
    Although Word includes many built-in styles, you may need to modify some of them, or create new styles of your own.
  • Tables in MS Word -
    Tables in MS Word are an efficient way to line up text and graphics. Use them to organize any and all information into an easy-to-read format.
  • Review Tools in MS Word -
    Reviewing Tools in MS Word allows you to easily make and view tracked changes and comments in a document. It is easy to share the file with MAC and PC users, and saves everyone the hassle of printing the document and making changes or comments by hand. Once changes or comments have been made, it is just as easy to accept or decline changes and finalize your document.
  • Word 2010 Reference Guide -
    Need some help with Word 2010. Get a nice overview on the basics with this guide!

Excel 2010

  • Microsoft 2010 -
    Microsoft offers a road map to success with Excel 2010.
  • Vertex 42 - is your guide to Excel in everything. Excel Templates, Financial calculators, add-ins, templates and tutorials.
  • Brian Bell - offers Free IT training and Computer Tutorials, from Microsoft Excel Worksheet Basics to VBA and Macros.
  • -
    Jammed packed website with Tutorials, to help you get familiar with the new version of Microsoft's spreadsheet program.
  • Beginner's Tutorials -
    Includes simple tutorials and reviews in plain English. Because everyone is a beginner at something!
  • Florida Gulf Coast University -
    A web site for technology skills orientation and tutorials in all the office products.
  • Date & Time -
    Do you need the current date and time entered in a cell on your EXCEL worksheet?
  • Do Not Print -
    To avoid printing specific rows or columns, simply hide them before printing.

PowerPoint 2010

  • PowerPoint Command Shortcuts -
    While viewing your PowerPoint slide show, you can use a combination of keys to control your presentation.
  • Reduce Image File Size in PowerPoint -
    It is easy to get huge PowerPoint presentations when you have a lot of photos. There is a simple "cheat" to make these files smaller.
  • 10 Qualities of an Effective Presentation -
    Knowing how to use PowerPoint is just one step in creating an effective presentation. Careful planning and preparation can help you create a presentation appropriate for your audience.
  • Merging PowerPoint Presentations -
    It is possible to merge PowerPoint presentations, converting all the slides to the same design template, or keeping each presentations look. Merging presentations is convenient when you have multiple speakers and do not want to change computers between each speaker.
  • Using Images in PowerPoint -
    Photos can make PowerPoint presentations very large. Resizing images for PowerPoint, can make file sizes more manageable.