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System Check
Leaders and participants are encouraged to run the System Check before attending an event.

WebMeeting is a Java based program. For the best performance and security, it is important to keep the Java plug-in updated for your browser.

CHROME is NOT supported at this time.

ACES Enterprise WebMeeting Services delivers online synchronous and asynchronous events and is utilized to deliver staff development and department meetings, certification and training modules, as well as inviting guest speakers for conferences and workshops. Participants may attend from any computer with network access or a supported iOS or Android mobile device.

Events are conducted through Saba WebMeeting and include live, two-way audio, video and visuals along with several features including text chat, application sharing, breakout rooms and polling. Events are archived for registered users unable to attend the live session. At the presenter's request, a guest playback link can be generated to allow non-registered users access to an archive.

To schedule an event, contact the ACES Technology Help Desk with the date, time, name of the event, and number of participants.

WebMeeting Requirements

Windows Requirements

  • Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit versions), Windows XP, Windows Vista (Windows 8 is not fully supported)
  • Latest version of browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, JAVA Plug-In must be enabled. CHROME is NOT supported
  • Signed Java Applet JRE

Apple Requirements

  • Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6), Lion (OSX 10.7), Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8)
  • Latest version of browsers: Firefox, Safari. CHROME is NOT supported
  • Signed Java Applet

Mobile Devices

  • iPad, Mini, iPhone running iOS 5 or 6+; download Saba Meeting from iTunes Store
  • Latest OS on Android tablet or phone; download Saba Meeting from Google Play

After the app is installed, launch the app and configure the settings as follows:

  • Saba Meeting Server Name: webmeeting.tamu.edu
  • Domain Name: main/nmsuaces
  • Username and Password: enter office or personal account information

Audio & Video Requirements

  • Any combination of audio input/output device(s) such as mic/headset, microphone/speakers, and webcam
  • Mobile Devices: Internal microphone and speaker, or earbuds (video is not supported on mobile devices)

For the most reliable WebMeeting performance, use a mic/headset combo with two 3.5mm audio plugs (mic and speakers), rather than a single USB connector.

The following guides provide the basic functions of the WebMeeting system: