Creative Digital Presentations

Goals for the Day

  • Create a digital presentation
  • Review goals for self-determined project
  • Think of ways to accomplish goals for project

Leader Demonstration on Presentations

Leader gave a short demonstration with discussion of group on why we use presentation aids, and how visual images can convey data. It included some overall suggestions, including a process to create a presentation:

  1. How does it work? Gather everything you need to help you tell your story.
  2. Use a presentation tool to build slides.
  3. Share your slides.

Goals for Self-Determined Project Discussion

4-H'ers were asked to think about what their goals for the computer project were. The younger 4-H'ers, particularly, struggle with thinking of year-long goals and ways to accomplish them. It was very helpful to have older 4-H'ers in the meeting who could give good examples.

Leader Demonstration on Creating Presentations with Keynote

4-H'ers were asked to create a 3-5 slide deck in Keynote, including:

  • a title slide
  • at least one with a goal
  • at least one with ways to accomplish goal


Each 4-H'er shared his or her presentation with the group. This was particularly helpful for each person to see what goals for the project could look like.