iPad App Review

4-H'ers were given a card with two apps on it. They were encouraged to play both, then be prepared to demonstrate one to the group. Everyone had a different set of apps, and the two apps were similar in at least one respect. Leaders gave them two so that each 4-H'er would have exposure to different apps, and have a chance to see some of what makes apps different. 4-H'ers were asked to prepare a short demonstration that included

  • the name of the app,
  • what the app does and
  • who would like the app.

These could be any collection of apps that are age appropriate.


The goals of the iPad app review is to give the 4-H'ers an opportunity to get to know each other, familiarize themselves with the iPads, explose them to a variety of apps and build literacy in app review and critical review skills in articulating features of the apps.

Create a Self Portrait

Using the app "Wordphoto," 4-H'ers take a photo of themselves and use ten words to describe themselves with different features to personalize and show one another their pictures. This gives 4-H'ers a chance to play with the iPad and assist each other with learning the basics, such as finding and opening an app, exploring various features within an app and closing it out again.

A Senior 4-Her gives examples of reviewing and demonstrating apps on a larger screen.

Play 2 Review

4-H'ers were given a card with two apps on it which are similar in at least on respect; they were encouraged to experiment with both and be prepared to give demonstrate one of the two to the group. Each 4-H'er received two so that they would have exposure to different types of apps and see what aspects of apps make them different.

The demonstration should include:

  • The name of the app
  • What the app does
  • Who would like the app

These can include any collection of age-appropriate apps. Here are the combinations we used:

  • Hungry Fish & Tiny Wings (games)
  • Math Snacks & BrainPOP (Educational Video Players)
  • The Elements & NOVA Elements (Chemistry)
  • Dummy Defense & Gravity HD (Engineering)
  • Eat and Move-o-Matic & Eat This Not That (Healthy Eating)
  • Color Uncovered & Creatures of Light (Light & Bio-luminescence)
  • Human Body & Human Body Facts 1000 (Human Body)
  • How it Works & RubeWorks (Engineering)
  • Bobo and Light & Weird but True (Science Facts)
  • Symmetry Shuffle & Motion Math (Math)
  • Stack the States & Lobster Diver (Educational)
  • Frog Dissection & Virtual Heart (Biology)
  • Isle of Tune & Sound Drop (Sound creation)
  • Toca Builders & Blocks (Building apps)


Each 4-H'er demonstrates one of their two apps, starting with their name, then sharing their app. In order for this to go smoothly, as one 4-Her was demonstrates, the next is "on deck," where a leader helps make sure their iPad is on the wireless network, ready to share with AirPlay and on the Apple TV that was connected to the projector.

Demonstrating builds each 4-H'ers demonstration and public speaking skills and familiarity with the iPad, and all of the kids and parents have a chance to see the diversity of the apps shared.

Record Book

The leaders distribute the Project Pages needed for county record books and encourage 4-H'ers to place their demonstration in the proper section as well as attendance in the project meeting section. They are asked to bring these pages with them every time.