4-H Photography

Goals for Meeting

  • Learn basics of photography on the ipad, including different ways to shoot
  • Edit photos with filters, cropping and other aspects
  • Create slide show

Taking Better Photos

The leader gives a short demonstration with goals for a scavenger hunt, including taking lots of photos, taking photos from three different angles, taking a cover, medium and close up shot, and looking for textures. The 4-H'ers also learned how to take pictures using an iPad, focusing on different places within the image.

Photography Scavenger Hunt

Spending about 20 minutes, 4-H'ers went outside and took lots of photos, applying what they learned in the demonstration.


Using Photos and iPhoto apps, 4-H'ers deleted their bad photos, and edited their photos, selecting 10-20 of them to share.

Slide Show

Using their best photos, and Photos or iPhoto, 4-H'ers created a slide show to share with the group.