4-H'ers Computer Projects

Barbara Chamberlin is offering a 4-H Computer Project for 4-H'ers in a club in Las Cruces. Because there is not a formal Computer project in 4-H, the 4-H'ers (novice through senior) enroll in the self-determined Computer Project, and attend the sessions designed as project meetings. The club has access to the Extension set of iPads, so many of the activities are designed for iPad use. The goal of the project is to expose 4-H'ers to enough different types of digital tool, that each 4-H'er will find something that interests them enough to explore for a larger project to share with all families and to exhibit in the fair.

  • iPad App Review
    4-H'ers select three similar types of apps or games. They prepared a review comparing app features, assign a star rating, and define the audience. Experience with iPads is not necessary.
  • Photography
    Learn tips and tricks for taking and editing photos on the iPads. Create a simple digital slide show or picture book.
  • Creative Digital Presentations
    Create a simple presentation with text, photos and transitions. Bring a topic or idea of your own, or use one of ours.
  • Minecraft
    Learn the basics about this sandbox game. Learn how to build structures, play with other 4-H'ers, and navigate a virtual world.
  • 4-Hour Work Day
    Pick something you have learned and create a completed version to share as your fair exhibit or your demonstration.
  • Show and Tell
    Give a 3-5 minute demonstration of any aspect of your project work. Invite families and friends to see your work.

Resources for 4-H'ers Enrolled in the Project