Minecraft Initiative

About the Initiative

Minecraft can be used to engage and educate in countless creative ways so it makes sense to utilize it in a program setting. Here we share the steps we took to get started and a sample of the curriculum we created for our program.

First Steps

To participate in our Minecraft Initiative, participants had to sign a consent form to be part of the Games Lab research.

Purchasing Minecraft Accounts

Purchase educational licenses, you can get educational discounts on the game at up to 50% off the full price. $18.00 USD per game license for fewer than 25 copies or $335 USD for a classroom set of 25 game licenses. In additional to the educational Minecraft game licenses, we also purchased the MinecraftEdu custom mod, designed for classroom use, which is a single, one-time purchase for schools and includes all the software you need to use with any number of clients and servers. $41 USD - Classroom Edition - Unrestricted version for schools, unlimited users.

After submitting the order, I received am email containing all the codes that I would need to set up the Minecraft accounts for my "program" members.

Creating Accounts

You will need to create accounts with each of your codes.

Go to account.mojang.com and create an account, which will require a valid email account. Once the account is created, you will need to check your email for confirmation that the account has been created. Log in to your account and you will see "Redeem Gift Code" option at the lower left corner of the page. Redeem one of the codes. Minecraft should appear on "My Games" list. If it does, the code has been successfully redeemed. You can use Google nicknames to bind multiple accounts to a single email. A screen name will need to be created for each of the accounts, these will be the player names; the names that will be associated with the player in the Minecraft world.

Make sure the Minecraft software is downloaded on your computer.

When creating the accounts, we created generic lab accounts that will always be used in our program and we also gave some codes to participants that they would use while in the program, but they would also "own".