Grant Writing Tips


Writing for Dollars: Funding Communications Programs with Grants.

Jeanne Gleason, New Mexico State University; and Dave King, Oregon State University

  • PowerPoint from ACE (Association of Communication Excellence)

    Many communications units have been told, "Find your own funding or go out of business!" Yet a grant search for "communications funding" turns up nothing. This session will share 10 secrets to preparing successful grants for communications and technology programs. It will explain how to forge successful partnerships with non-communications specialists and programs, and how to work across state lines and multiple disciplines to find money to fund your program for several years at a time. This session will also clarify the grant writing process with a simple step-by-step method. One state has successfully funded more than 50% of its communication program with grant dollars and funded many new innovative technologies through multistate programs. Beginners to seasoned professional grant writers will walk away with useful suggestions for success in the upcoming funding season.

PDF Documents

  • USDA 2010 AFRI Grants
    In 2010, approximately $262 million is available to support food safety program. Of this amount, no less than 30 percent will be made available to fund integrated research, education, and extension programs.

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