The Seamless Society

Decades ago, futurists predicted that our society would change greatly before the next millennium due to technological advances. Today that scenario has become a reality for many and it is most evident in the American workplace.

  • Travel to a monastery in the New Mexico desert and see how technology links the rest of the world to even a remote group of Benedictine monks. *Witness the extraordinary efforts of community activist Antonia Stone, as she strives to bring computer technology to inner-city Boston residents so they can compete in today's workplace.
  • Meet Merrill Jannison, a resident of a picturesque island in Puget Sound. She runs a successful 1.5 million dollar regional business, but rarely leaves her waterfront home.
  • Enter the corporate world of AT&T's New Jersey headquarters to see how today's managers deal with telecommuters - the new invisible employees.
  • Follow CEO Dick Grove as he leaves his Kansas City firm behind to venture Rocky Mountain roads on his Harley, staying in touch with his virtual office.

What are the consequences of this new method of doing business? How has it liberated workers and managers alike, and what are the down sides of such change? Join host Lowell Catlett as he explores these and other questions on The Changing American Workplace, Episode One of The Seamless Society.

Lowell Catlett, an astute observer of social trends and technology changes, serves as a consultant for private corporations and government. He works nationally with many Fortune 500 companies doing futuristic planning on emerging new markets and changes. Lowell is also the author of two futuristic readings, How Many Einsteins and Green Cows, Quaggas and Mummies. Dr. Catlett is currently a professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business at New Mexico State University.

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