Technology Unplugged

Join Barbara Copeland as she teaches you about computers, without even turning one on! If you've heard words like RAM, hard drive, database, and networking, but never really understood what these terms mean, you'll love the way Barb walks you through computer basics using plain, everyday English.

If you are a beginning computer user, this may be the perfect starting training video for you! This video is also perfect for educators and technology trainers. Barb teaches you how to teach technology, as she discusses complicated concepts using simple terms. Great for teachers and technology trainers of any skill level, this tape can help you develop a down-to-earth teaching style that makes technology easy to understand and fun to learn.

Barbara Copeland is a consultant specializing in technology training and technology integration into school programs. She also works full-time developing multimedia educational programs and computer graphics for videotapes at NMSU. In her spare time, Barbara works as a motivational speaker and comedienne.

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