Asian Medicinal HerbsRisk Management Education in Asian Medicinal Herbs Production and Marketing

Asian medicinal herbs are a timely addition to the crop mix of specialty crop growers, especially in New Mexico and the Southwestern United States. With an expanding interest by the general public in alternative health care, domestic production of Asian medicinal herbs for the acupuncture and Oriental medicine profession (AOM) offers a new and untapped emerging market to certified organic growers.

Asian medicinal herb production presents both opportunities and risks to growers unfamiliar with them. The goals of this online tutorial are:

  • to introduce Asian medicinal herbs to potential growers;

  • to identify potential risks associated with their production, processing, and marketing; and

  • to assist growers in the development of risk management plans in each of the areas of species identification and selection, propagation, cultivation and crop management, harvesting and processing, and marketing. Special consideration is also given to the management of potential invasiveness of some of the species.

  • Introduction: View the Presentation
    This module introduces the grower to agricultural risk management principles, and the development of a risk management plan through identification, assessment, and decision-making. Opportunities and risks associated with Asian medicinal herb production and marketing are outlined. Specific procedures and instructions are given to participants to achieve the project goals, follow through on practical outcomes, and facilitate the use of the online tutorial as an educational tool.

Sponsored by NMSU and the Western Center for Risk Management Education, Washington State University Extension. This material is based upon work supported by USDA / CSREES under Award Number 2007-49200-03892.

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