Species Identification and Selection

The goal of this session is to show the similarities of the growing regions between US and China, to provide various resources for new growers, address new operations and new sites, show 5 familiar families and address the issue of taxonomic confusion.

Trainees can expect to become familiar with issues specific to Chinese medicinal herb agricultural enterprises and gain resources to start new or add to existing operations.

The risks associated are several; growing Chinese botanicals is an emerging market and thus available material is limited. Diverse personal resources and sound business decisions will need to be present for successful business operations.

Module 2: Species Identification & Selection

Supplemental Materials

  • Southwest Herb List
    A list of preferred and selected herbs suitable for New Mexico and the Southwestern United States.

Resource Links

  • Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm
    A nursery and farm in Petaluma, California, specializing in organically grown Chinese, Ayurvedic and other Asian medicinal field grown herbs and seeds.
  • E-Floras
    Flora of China. Referenced in Slide #4.

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