The goal of this module is to introduce the grower to general and specialized processing methods and requirements of Asian medicinal herbs. The risks associated with processing are: learning new skills, acquiring equipment or infrastructure, sanitation, and quality control considerations. Tradeoffs between hand methods of processing and mechanized, large-scale processing are briefly discussed. Methods of hand processing are presented, using herb species Gou Qi Zi (Lycium chinense), Gan Cao (Glycirrhiza uranlensis), and Ci Ji Li (Tribulus terrestris) as examples. The specialized method of Pao Zhi is defined, and processing methods are demonstrated on whole plant material.

Module 7: Processing Methods

Processing Demonstration Video

This supplementary video shows methods of cutting and slicing herb roots according to preferred standards.

Supplemental Materials

  • Goathead Processing
    Procedures on collecting, cleaning, and drying goathead pods as an Asian medicinal herb.

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