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Image of Jean Giblette
Jean Giblette

Jean Giblette directs High Falls Gardens (HFG), a farm-based, nonprofit enterprise founded in 1993 to advance the practice of traditional medicine in North America through cultivation and study of Asian medicinal plants. HFG's national Botanical Studies program supports the College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and their efforts to broaden clinical herbal studies with whole-plant access and related subjects. Activities include distribution of seeds and plants, lectures, internships, field workshops, research, publications and teacher training. Jean coordinates the steering committee of the Medicinal Herb Consortium, five growers associations in different states working together to develop domestic production of Asian herbs. A contributing author of Mending the Web of Life: Chinese Medicine and Species Conservation, she has also co-authored papers in the last two New Crops volumes. Since 1994 she has studied Chinese Herbal Medicine with Jeffrey C. Yuen in New York City.

Image of Charles Martin
Charles Martin

Charles Martin grew up on a diversified crop / livestock family farm in west central Illinois, and has been extensively involved in agriculture and the food industry. He is a researcher at the New Mexico State University Sustainable Agriculture Science Center in Alcalde, with a primary research interest in alternative crops, including medicinal herbs, dye plants, Chinese herb research and development, essential oil crops, and alternative forage crops for small-scale and traditional farmers in north-central New Mexico. He received his undergraduate degree in biology from Grinnell College at Grinnell, Iowa, and a master's degree in International Agricultural Development from the University of California at Davis.

Image of Peg Schafer
Peg Schafer

Peg Schafer is a respected horticulturalist and organic farmer. In 1997 Peg decided the time was auspicious for starting the Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm. Her goal and passion has always been to offer the highest quality and most efficacious herbs possible. In addition to the farm, Peg embarked on an extract venture in 2006; Fu Tian Herbs with Chinese herbalist Sean Fannin. Another post is as secretary of the Sonoma County Herb Exchange, a clearinghouse connecting growers with buyers. She is also a founding and steering committee member of the Medicinal Herb Consortium, a domestically grown Chinese herb marketing group. She maintains a nine month internship program with both Oriental Medicine students and farmers. Peg speaks often at Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine colleges, conferences and public venues on the cultivation of herbs, and on worldwide issues involved with the herb trade and its impact to practitioners and their clients.