National Allium Research Conference (NARC)
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All meetings and presentations at the Hotel Encanto unless indicated otherwise.

2012 National Allium Research Conference

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - NARC Meetings

3:00 pm Onions and Garlic Subcommittee, Root and Bulb Vegetable Crop Germplasm Committee

4:00 pm O-01Charlie Li, Howard Schwartz, Krishna Mohan, Kimberly Morgan, Joseph Molnar, Ron Gitaitis, William Tollner, Gary Hawkins, Chi Thai, Robert Shewfelt, & Dan MacLean, Holistic approach to advance onion postharvest handling efficiency and sustainability: an update

5:00 pm NARC Reception

  • Dinner on your own

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - NARC Meetings

7:30 am - 8:30 am Continental Breakfast

7:30 am - 5:00 pm Conference Registration

7:30 am - 12:00 pm Poster Setup

Morning Session Moderator:

8:30 am Welcome, Lowell Catlett, Dean, College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences

8:40 am O-02 Chadelle Robinson, Onions in New Mexico-the state of the state

9:00 am O-03 Chris Cramer, Mark Uchanski, & Stephanie Walker, History of onions in New Mexico

9:30 am O-04 Carrie H. Wohleb, Timothy D. Waters, Lindsey J. du Toit, & Brenda K. Schroeder, The WSU Onion cultivar trial: A valuable resource for Pacific Northwest onion producers

10:00 am BREAK

10:30 am O-05 Erik Feibert, Clinton C. Shock, Lamont Saunders, & Bob Simerly, An overview of onion production from transplants and sets

11:00 am O-06 Clinton C. Shock, Erik Feibert, Lamont Saunders, Plant population options for marketing long-day onions

11:30 am O-07 Merritt J. Taylor, Charles L. Webber III, & James W. Shrefler, Economics of supplemental weed control applications on spring-transplanted onions

12:00 pm Lunch

Afternoon Session Moderator

1:30 pm O-08 Tim Waters and Doug Walsh, Thrips management for dry bulb onions

2:00 pm O-09 William Buhrig, Mike Thornton, Jim Barbour, Jerry Neufeld, & Ronda Hirnyck, Thrips control in drip irrigated onions

2:30 pm O-10 Stuart Reitz, Clinton C. Shock, Erik Feibert, Eric Jemmett, & Lamont Saunders, Insecticide rotations for control of thrips in onion

3:00 pm BREAK

3:30 pm O-11 Jianhua Mo, Andrew Watson, Greg Baker, Kevin Powis, & Tony Napier, Management of onion thrips in bulb onions in Australia

4:00 pm O-12 Howard F. Schwartz, Brenda K. Schroeder, James VanKirk, G. Keith Douce, & George Jibilian, Update on the onion ipmPIPE network - Progress and plans

6:00 pm No Host Cocktails - NMSU Golf Clubhouse

6:30pm - 8:30 pm NARC Dinner - NMSU Golf Clubhouse

Thursday, December 13, 2012 - NARC Meetings

Image of Mark Uchanski
NARC planning committee member, Mark Uchanski

7:30 am - 8:00 am Continental Breakfast

7:30 am - 10:00 am Conference Registration

Morning Session

8:00 am O-13 Rob Wilson, Don Kirby, Kevin Nicholson, & Darrin Culp, Maggot control in processing onions

8:30 am O-14 Mary Ruth McDonald and Alan Taylor, Insecticide seed treatments and infurrow applications control onion and seed corn maggots

9:00 am O-15 Allison E. Ferry and R.M. Davis, Combining sclerotia germination stimulants and fungicides for white rot control

9:30 am O-16 Mary K. Hausbeck and Lina M. Rodriguez-Salamanca, Anthracnose incited by Colletotrichum coccodes is a new disease on onions

10:00 am BREAK

10:30 am O-17 Dipak Poudyal, Lindsey du Toit, Tim Paulitz, Jordan Eggers, Lyndon Porter, & Phil Hamm, Onion stunting caused by Rhizoctonia: Management and economic importance in the Columbia Basin of Oregon and Washington

11:00 am O-18 Steven V. Beer, Jo Ann E. Asselin, Jean M. Bonasera, Ali M. Zaid, & Christine A. Hoepting, Bacterial diseases on onion in New York

11:30 am O-19 Christopher S. Cramer, Rejah Muhyi, Mohsen Moghadam-Mohseni, Neel Kamal, Narinder Singh, Eight years of screening for Iris yellow spot resistance

12:00 pm Lunch and Business Meeting

Afternoon Session Moderator:

1:30 pm O-20 Michael J. Havey and Steve Damon, Genetic variation of epicuticular waxes in onion: a thrips-avoidance mechanism

2:00 pm O-21 Michael J. Havey, Christopher S. Cramer, Howard F. Schwartz, Agnes Chan, & Christopher Town, USDA-SCRI funded project - Ensuring US onion sustainability: Breeding and Genomics to control thrips and Iris yellow spot virus

3:00 pm BREAK

3:30 pm O-22 Brenda K. Schroeder, Cheryl M. Vahling-Armstrong, Anne J. Knerr, Frank Dugan, & Lindsey J. du Toit, DNA macroarray for detection and differentiation of onion bulb rot pathogens

4:00 pm O-23 Michael J. Havey, An international plan to sequence the nuclear genome of onion

4:30 pm O-24 Quentin Schultz, Developing genome-wide SNP markers for genetic analysis of onion

5:00 pm Howard Schwartz, Future direction of onion research programs in the US

5:30 pm Conference Adjourns

No Onions and Garlic Subcommittee meeting here

Friday, December 14, 2012 - Postconference Meetings (open to all)

7:00 am - 8:30 am Continental Breakfast

8:30 am - 12:00 pm W-2008 Committee: IYSV and Thrips (Shannon Pike-Chair)

Poster Session (Dec. 12-13)

P-01 Thomas Turini, Evaluation of thrips control programs and thrips population dynamics in central California

P-02 Stephanie Szostek and Howard Schwartz, Onion thrips (Thrips tabaci) infected with Iris yellow spots virus survive Colorado winters

P-03 Hanu Pappu and Sudeep Bag, Global status of Iris yellow spot virus incidence in onion

P-04 Hanu Pappu, Sudeep Bag, & Silvia Rondon, Seasonal dynamics of Iris yellow spot virus transmitters among Thrips tabaci populations from onion fields

P-05 Hanu Pappu, Romana Iftikhar, & Vikas Koundal, Analysis of Iris yellow spot virus N gene sequence from the USA, 2003-2011

P-06 Hanu Pappu, Diwaker Tripathi, Ralf Dietzgen, & Michael Goodin, In vivo interaction studies of Iris yellow spot virus proteins using Bimolecular Flourescence (BiFC) technique

P-07 Christopher S. Cramer, Mohsen Mohseni-Moghadam, Rebecca Creamer, & Robert L. Steiner, Screening winter-sown onion entries for Iris yellow spot disease susceptibility

P-08 Christopher S. Cramer and Ashish Saxena, Selection progress for Fuserium basal rot resistance of onions using a seedling screening procedure

P-09 Mark E. Uchanski and Christopher S. Cramer, Pest monitoring in New Mexico commercial onion fields

P-10 Merritt Taylor, Jim Shrefler, & Tony Goodson, Soil type evaluation for high tunnel onion transplant production

P-11 William Buhrig and Mike Thornton, Effectiveness of fumigant products for control of pink root and root lesion nematode in onions

P-12 Narinder Singh and Christopher S. Cramer, Selection progress for tolerance to Iris yellow spot virus in onions

P-13 Simon Anstis, B. Hall, & T. Wicks, Evaluating fungicides for the management of onion stunt caused by Rhizoctonia solani AG8

P-14 Mary Ruth McDonald and Laura Riches, Evaluation of foliar insecticides for the control of onion thrips, 2011 and 2012

P-15 Mary Ruth McDonald, Michael Teckle Tesfaendrias, Marion Paibomasai, & Michael Celetti, Fungicide treatments for the management of stemphylium leaf blight in onions

P-16 Danial Drost, Does alternative crop management practices impact thrips, IYSV and onion productivity?

P-17 No poster here currently