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The Program

The New Mexico Agricultural Leadership Program was founded with the purpose of identifying and supporting effective leadership within the food, agriculture, and natural resource industries of New Mexico. The program aids participants in the development of leadership skills in order to become stronger and more effective in their industries and communities. This is accomplished by exposing them to direct experience and interaction with a variety of businesses, social settings and political environments, both domestically and internationally.

Mission Statement

To develop knowledgeable, multicultural leaders for New Mexico's food, agricultural, and natural resource industries.

The New Mexico Agricultural Leadership Program enables men and women in the food, agricultural and natural resource industries to:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of agriculture and related industries in the context of today's complex economic, political and social systems.

  • Learn the processes of organizational decision making and the role of political institutions.

  • Acquire a greater appreciation of how agriculture must interact with society as a whole.

  • Develop skills necessary for leadership at local, state and national levels and to put those skills into practice.

The New Mexico Agricultural Leadership Program is a practical, action-oriented, eighteen-month program in which participants meet eight times, including six in-state seminars, a Washington DC learning experience, and a seminar in an international location.

The program includes the following activities:

  • Seminars with experts and group discussions which enhance participants' knowledge and understanding of key subjects for today's agricultural leaders. Their studies include leadership development, communications skills, economics and policy, international trade, agricultural institutions and agencies, urban/rural relations and issues affecting agriculture, such as water and energy.

  • On-site tours and studies of agricultural and non-agricultural businesses and industries help participants discover firsthand the procedures and problems in production, marketing and financing.

  • Meetings with leaders of government and business complement seminars on local, state and national issues.

The program is funded by tuitions, business contributions, individual donations, support from the New Mexico legislature and New Mexico State University. Please consider supporting the program, your contributions are tax deductible.

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