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NM EDGE Enrollment and Class Fees

For newly enrolling students, there is an initial enrollment fee of $50. This is a one-time fee. From that point, the cost of each class is $75. Lower class fees are available by purchasing multiple class-units at a time either individually or through a group account. For many organizations, establishing a group account can assist in helping to defray the costs of our classes.

A group account helps individual departments or entities within a given organization buy a volume of class units (1 class unit = 1 person, per class) that can be offered to students interested in taking classes. When more units are purchased, the cost associated with each class is lowered. Below is a breakdown of our volume discount rates.

When purchased....

1-4 classes

5-9 classes

10-14 classes

15-19 classes

20-24 classes

25 Classes or more


$75 per class unit

$70 per class unit

$65 per class unit

$60 per class unit

$55 per class unit

$50 per class unit