Schedule of Events: Beef Day

Morning Sessions

Beef and the Global Consumer
Presenter: Dina Chacon-Reitzel
An overview overview of the global beef industry and consumer preferences.

Workshop I: The Beef We Eat!
Presenter: Jack Thomas, Nick Peterson, Tom Bertelle
Fabricating Beef into retail cuts which camp cooks will use to prepare a hardy Beef menu.

Workshop II: Managing the Quality of Beef
Presenter: John Wenzel
Common sense management outlined by the Beef Quality Assurance Program.

Workshop III: Reproducing Beef!
Presenter: Steve Lucero
An overview of the cow anatomy and estrus cycle.

Groups will rotate and attend all morning workshops

Afternoon Sessions

Workshop I: We Are What We Eat
Presenter: Eric Scholljegerdes
Developing balanced and cost effective nutrition programs for beef cattle.

Workshop II: Welcome to the Future
Presenter: Marcy Ward
Advanced Applied Technologies: embryo transfer, artificial insemination, and DNA testing.

Workshop III: Healthy Cattle Equals Better Beef
Presenter: John Wenzel
Key points to build healthy cattle and improve beef quality.

Groups will rotate and attend all afternoon workshops

Evening Sessions

Stocking Rate: The Key to Successful Beef Production
Presenter: Nick Ashcroft, Tom Dean
Forage production and stocking rates are critical in making timely management decisions.

Team Planning: Beef Herd Management for Your Ranch
Discussion and work on including nutrition, breeding program and quality assurance in ranch management plans.