Marketing: Managing for Profitability

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Morning Sessions

Understanding Production Costs and Parameters for Cow Calf Production in New Mexico
Stan Bevers, Professor and Extension Economist
Texas Agrilife Extension Service, Texas A&M University-Vernon, Texas

What does it take to be profitable on a ranch in the Southwest? In this session participants will gain an appreciation for production parameters that separate high versus low profit potential ranches in the Southwest using data compiled in the Standardized Performance Analysis (SPA) database.
Optimizing All Ranch Resources for Profitability
Dennis Braden, Ranch Manager
Swenson Ranch-Stamford, Texas

Most profitable ranches utilize multiple resources and tools to cash-flow a ranching operation in the Southwest. In this session participants will learn to develop ranch budgets, set goals, and establish a plan to manage for profit from an experienced ranch manager.

Afternoon Sessions

Adding Value to Your Calf Crop
Jack Blandford, Extension Agent-Luna County, Professional Auctioneer
Cooperative Extension Service, New Mexico State University
Dennis Braden, Ranch Manager
Swenson Ranch-Stamford, Texas

Just how much value can be realized in a calf crop? In this session participants will be learning how to buy and sell in modern market outlets by participating in a simulated livestock auction conducted on the premises as well as observe Superior Livestock Auction's Video Sale simulcast from Council Bluffs, IA.
Developing Direct Sales of Beef to Consumers
Shane and Sage Faulkner, Ranch Managers
Soaring Eagle Ranch-Chama, New Mexico

Cattle producers have watched a traditional commodity business transform into the consumer and product driven beef industry of today. As a result of this transition, producers have been able to realize more direct beef sales to product-specific customers. In this session participants will gain an understanding of multiple factors that lead to the development of successful direct beef sale opportunities from one of the regions successful grass-fed and organic operators.