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Ranch Management Plan Competition

2011 Champion Team
Image of  Winning Team
Top Row: Lukas Mott, Manny Encinias, Leonard Trujillo. Bottom Row: Michael Meyers, Katrina Benson, Richard Rush.

Camp participants were challenged with a rigorous program for five full days. They never seemed to weaken. They were like sponges absorbing knowledge all week. To put all of the passion, logical thinking and brainpower to good use, the youth were divided into six teams that developed ranch management plans for assigned areas of the preserve, which ranged in size from 4,000 to 5,000 acres. The plans were presented to a panel of judges made up of successful New Mexico ranch managers, and an audience that included dignitary and parents.

Winning team members were Richard Rush of Forrest, Michael Meyers of Albuquerque, Lukas Mott of Chaparral, Katrina Benson of Taos, and Leonard Trujillo of Los Lunas.

Everyone grew from this phenomenal experience, adults included. These young people met every challenge thrown at them, head-on. They demonstrated their unique leadership abilities, team skills and definitely got out of their comfort zones. Most amazing, they expressed their genuine appreciation and respect for humanity, livestock and the land. If these young people are a demonstration of what is in store for our industry, the future looks bright.