Range Day Presenters

Greg Alpers is a 32 year employee of Dow AgroSciences, all in New Mexico. He is a 1975 graduate of NMSU with a BS in agronomy and minor in animal science. Greg served on the board of directors of the NM Crop Production Association, NM Hay and Forage Growers Association, and NM Vegetation Association. He is currently vice chairman of the Pecos Valley Conservancy District and is on the state Water Trust Board. Greg is a licensed pesticide applicator and grows grapes and pecans in the Roswell area and is also an active member of the Ag Group which monitors legislative issues impacting New Mexico Agriculture.

Les Owen
Image of Les Owen

Les Owen is the Natural Resources Program Manager for NM Department of Agriculture. Les promotes the sustainability of New Mexico Agriculture through participation in policy and planning processes that affect production agriculture and natural resources and provide GIS support as a tool in decision making and planning for relevant issues.

Dr. Tim Haarmann has 24-years experience in natural resources management. He has a PhD from University of New Mexico in Biology with an emphasis in Ecosystem Ecology. Before coming to the Banded Peak Ranch, Tim worked as a Ranch Manager on the 89,000 acre Valles Caldera National Preserve in northern New Mexico. He also worked many years at Los Alamos National Laboratory and surrounding property as a resource manager responsible for projects in natural resources management and planning, wildlife management and forest / fire management.

Tom Dean
Image of Tom Dean

Tom Dean has served as an Extension Agent in both New Mexico and Texas, and is currently the Southwest District Department Head. Having acquired both a Bachelors and Master's Degree from New Mexico State University in Range Science, he has been able to put the degree to use as a county agent working with many producers on a variety of issues, especially since the majority of land in NM is Rangeland. Serving as Socorro County's Ag / 4-H Agent and County Director, Tom was able to put together programs such as the Locoweed program, working with the Rio Grande Basin Initiative, and Hospitality Trainings for Economic Development. Getting to work with the 4-H program has been one of the greatest rewards. He has worked with the State Land office and youth in putting in wildlife structures, and several other natural resource education projects. Teaching the youth leadership and assisting them in their leadership roles as members of the NM 4-H Leadership project is and will always be one of the greatest passions. Tom was awarded the National Association of County Agricultural Agents Achievement Award, the Epsilon Sigma Phi's State Early Career Award, and the National Association of Extension 4-H Agent's Achievement in Service Award and Distinguished Service Award.

Nick Ashcroft

Dr. Nick Ashcroft is the Extension Range Management Specialist at New Mexico State University in the Department of Extension Animal Sciences and Natural Resources. He is a member of the Range Improvement Task Force (RITF) and provides New Mexico citizens with relevant information on rangeland ecology, monitoring and management. As a member of the RITF, Nick helps resolve rangeland conflicts with science and conduct applied research. Dr. Ashcroft's previous work includes agricultural economics and federal land policy analysis.

Tom Sidwell was raised on a small ranch in Carrizozo, New Mexico. He attended NMSU and graduated with a BS in range science. Tim is also an Army veteran of the Vietnam War.

He worked on the Navajo Nation for a year doing vegetative surveys of a little over one-million acres then transferred to BLM in Socorro where he became supervisory range conservationist on a million acres of public land. After 10 years with BLM, he moved to Marathon, Texas, to manage a 500-head, cow ranch under Holistic Management Concepts (HRM). After four years, he moved to went to Capitan, NM to manage a 65,000 acre forest permit and managed it under HRM. Tom and his wife also bought a 350 cow BLM permit near Roswell.

After nine years in Capitan, they sold the BLM ranch and bought a ranch in the Pine Ridge area of northwestern Nebraska where they stayed for five years. They sold the Nebraska ranch and bought their present ranch south of Tucumcari where they have been for 10 years managing it under Holistic Management Concepts.