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Schedule of Events: Range Day

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Morning Sessions

Brush and Weed Management

Presenter: Greg Alpers

This session will highlight the importance of proper management and control of invasive species using examples of successful and not so successful treatments.

Plant Identification

Presenter: Tim Haarmann, Tom Dean

This session will focus on knowing what plants participants have and most importantly, being able to classify those plants according to usefulness, as an integral part of success. Participants will learn the basis of proper plant identification to help them acquire a foundation of knowledge for investigative work in identification.

Afternoon Sessions

Monitoring Your Rangeland

Presenter: Nick Ashcroft

In this session participants will learn the importance of range monitoring, how to document plant species, and how this tool can help describe the health and condition of rangeland resources.

Land Owner's Perspective

Presenter: Tom Sidwell

This presentation is a land owner's view on how brush management works on the ground. What are the cost, the benefits and the realistic goals one can achieve by applying a combination of practices. Students will see first-hand the work done on one of New Mexico's premier ranches and its methodology.

Evening Sessions

Government Policy

Presenter: Nick Ashcroft

Participants will learn the different policies producers have to deal with in everyday production practices, their history, and methods of implementation.

Teamwork: Ranch Management Plans