Top Hand Award Winners

A Top Hand on any operation is a vital spoke that makes a strong wheel for any successful ranching operation. Each day at the NMYRM camp, the organizing committee selected and recognized an individual camp participant who demonstrated the key traits of a Top Hand: respectful to others and surroundings, hard-working, and attentive to details and discussion. Top Hand buckles were donated by E&T Designs, Tucumcari, New Mexico.

Committee members also awarded Honorable Mention engraved knives to the following camp participants: Sage Mijares, John-Michael Nagy, Michael Welty, Brannon Mobley, Randall Rush, and Lukas Mott. Knives were donated by Huff Steel Buildings, Rangely, Colorado.

NMYRM Camp Top Hands
Image of Top Hands
Matthew Denetclaw (Range Day) Shiprock, NM; Richard Rush (Wildlife Day) Forrest, NM; John Gilbert (Marketing Day) Grenville, NM; Brianna Kimsey (Beef Day) Grenville, NM.