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Wildlife Day

NM Youth Ranch Management camp participants will have the opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of Wildlife Management and Natural Resources on Wildlife Day!

On Tuesday evening, participants will run a spotlight survey, and will calculate the population estimates the next morning. Following that, Dr. Sam Smallidge will cover the basic introduction to wildlife management. Participants will get to go outside and play "Oh Deer," a game that teaches the importance of habitat management and how it relates to wildlife management.

New Mexico Game and Fish will present an educational program on Wildlife in New Mexico. Following NMDGF, Jack Diamond with Beaverhead Outfitters, will present on what all goes into and the business of outfitting, and guiding hunters in the state. Dr. Douglas Cram will educate the participants on forest management; using the ax, the match, and the market. Habitat management is wildlife management; this is what all instructors will relay to camp participants.

In the afternoon, campers will get to experience shooting with the 4-H air rifle trailer, archery, and shotgun. The New Mexico Trappers Association will wrap-up the day with a trapping demonstration, guaranteed to be a camp highlight for all participants!

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Sam Smallidge
Phone: 575-646-5944
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