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Wildlife Day Presenters

Sam Smallidge
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Dr. Samuel T. Smallidge is Coordinator of the Range Improvement Task Force (RITF) at New Mexico State University. As coordinator, he supports RITF faculty and staff members in fulfilling RITF's three-part mission related to natural resources: 1) educational programs ranging from one-on-one consultations to workshops and symposia; 2) short-term (and a few relevant long-term) research programs focused on problem solving and answering important, management-oriented questions; and 3) unbiased third party assessments and mediations of conflicts related to natural resources management. Concurrently, Sam is the Wildlife Specialist for the Cooperative Extension Service at New Mexico State University. He is committed to providing New Mexico citizens scientific information and demonstrations regarding the ecology and management of wildlife in urban and rural environments. Dr. Smallidge has 25 years experience in wildlife management with 19 years specific to wildlife management in the West.

Cal Baca
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Cal Baca is the Wildlife Management Division Chief for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. His supervisory responsibilities include the agency's game and non-game wildlife management programs, habitat enhancement, private land programs and oversight of the state's wildlife management areas. Cal is a Santa Fe, New Mexico native, attended the New Mexico Military Institute and received his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from New Mexico State University.

Email: CalM.Baca@state.nm.us

Rey Sanchez
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Rey Sanchez is the Assistant Chief of Wildlife Management, Private Land and Habitat Programs for the NM Department of Game and Fish. He has worked for NMDGF for 15 years. He was recently promoted to his current position after eight years of service as the Raton Sargent. His current responsibilities include management of the department's Habitat Enhancement Program and the Private Land Programs. Rey received his Bachelors in Wildlife Science from NM State University.

Doug Cram
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Doug Cram is an Assistant Professor and Extension Fire Specialist at New Mexico State University. His research and Extension efforts focus on management of forests, rangelands, and riparian areas with a particular concentration on the interaction of fire within these systems.

Jack & Kaye Diamond
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Beaverhead Outfitters is owned and operated by the Diamond Family and has been providing quality hunts for over 35 years. They offer hunts for Elk, Deer, Antelope, Oryx, Bighorn Sheep, Ibex, Turkey, and predators on over 3 million acres of public and private land in southwest New Mexico. Jack and Kaye Diamond's operation is based out of the headquarters of their cattle ranch, Beaverhead Ranch, located in the heart of the Gila National Forest. The Diamond family have been ranching and outfitting in the Catron County for three generations.

Tom McDowell
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Dr. Tom McDowell is President of New Mexico Trappers Association (NMTA), a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and management of fur-bearing animals and trapping. NMTA work in close association with cattlemen and ranchers and especially with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. NMTA is dedicated to educating trappers and the public to the challenges and benefits of managing furbearer populations in New Mexico. Tom, retired, spent his career in medical research and training future medical doctors at the University of New Mexico Medical School. Dr. McDowell's interest in science-based management of furbearers and 20-years of trapping experience makes him well qualified to lead the New Mexico Trappers Association.