How to Submit a Manuscript for Publication

After the manuscript has gone through the review process and been approved by the Cooperative Extension Service (CES) department head, Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) administrator, or task force coordinator, he/she is ready to submit materials to the publishing group. After the manuscript is submitted, we will work directly with authors during the production of the publication.

All publications require the signed "Request for Approval of Manuscript" form.

CES publications should be submitted through the department head.

AES publications should be submitted through Steve Loring.

Task force publications require approval from task force administrators.

File submission

The CES department head, AES administrator, or task force coordinator will send the manuscript text and image files by e-mail to both Ana Henke and Frank Sholedice or bring the files to Regents Row, Roberts Building. It is also recommended that they send a hard copy by campus mail (MSC 3K).

  • Text should be unformatted text, rich text, or Microsoft Word format.

  • Please do not embed in the text any photos, charts, or spreadsheets.

  • Simple tables may be composed in Word.
    (Tip: When setting up tables in Word, set tabs—do not insert spaces between columns.)

  • Instead of embedding, save your images as individual digital files.

  • Photos should always be high-resolution (at least 300 dpi). Slides or prints are also fine.

  • If you generate the tables and/or charts with Excel or PowerPoint, provide those files.

  • Please also provide a black-and-white hard copy of line art drawings or charts.

  • It is the author's responsibility to obtain copyright clearance to use any photos or figures previously published.

  • We can illustrate your work (figures, maps) if you give us advance notice before turning in your manuscript for editing.

  • Do not set up hyperlinks, macros, etc. within your text document. If you would hyperlinks added, we can do that to the final PDF when posted to the Web.


First, the text will be edited. Please:

  • Label and title all your figures and tables and reference them in the text.

  • Footnote all author bio information and double-check accuracy.

Author will receive by e-mail a copy of the manuscript with the editor's changes shown.

  • Using Word's Track Changes tool, review changes.

  • Answer any queries on the manuscript.

  • Return the file to the editor, noting any changes you have rejected.

  • If the author makes additional changes to the text, leave Track Changes active so the editor can easily spot new material.


Now, the publication goes to layout.

  • The typesetter will incorporate your text, tables, figures, and images into a professional document following Extension/Experiment Station format.

  • If images or charts are in color, the typesetter will produce two versions of the publication, a color version for posting online and a black-and-white version for printing. In some cases, given specific funding, it may be possible to print in color.

  • Extension/Experiment Station publications are now self-covered, so the text of your publication will begin on the first page/cover.

  • The publication will be returned to the author once layout is complete for final proofing and approval before printing and posting to the Web. (Author is fully responsible for accuracy of publication content.)

Printing and posting

Once you approve the final proof, your publication will be posted on the ACES publications page and printed.

Cooperative Extension Service and Task Force Publications

Once a publication is ready for printing, the author and ACES email list will be notified and anyone may place an order for copies at the Print Portal website. When publications are printed, they are shipped directly to authors.

Agricultural Experiment Station Publications

Once a publication is ready for printing, authors and Steve Loring, AES Assistant Director, are notified by email and orders may be taken. When publications are printed, they are shipped directly to authors. We will also notify ACES email list of new AES publications and anyone may place an order for copies at the Print Portal website.

NOTE: Archival copies are paid for by AES/CES Administration and Task Force.

Feel free to contact us at any time!
Ana Henke, Extension/Experiment Station Publications Supervisor
MSC 3K, New Mexico State University,
P.O. Box 30001, Las Cruces, NM 88003
Phone: 575-646-1174
Fax: 575-646-2702