Chiricahuas: Mountain Islands in the Desert

Southwest Horizon Series: Vol. 2


the making of a Monument
See the past come to life through exciting computer animation as the famous rock spires of the Chiricahua National Monument are formed once again. Cataclysmic geological events are featured.

The Elegant Trogons
Follow the life cycles of two trogon families as these colorful, neotropical birds inhabit their seasonal nesting grounds at Cave Creek Canyon.

Return of the Jaguar

Witness the largest cat of the Americas, the jaguar, as rancher Warner Glenn shares his photos of a thrilling close encounter.

An Island of Flowers

Experience a rare springtime explosion of color as the "Sky Islands" foothills are covered in desert flowers of orange, yellow, and blue.

"I have just had the opportunity to view a really neat tape of the Chiricahuas entitled "The Chiricahuas: Mountain Islands in the Desert." The video includes footage describing the geologic history of the mountains, the wildlife and the plants. Of special interest to birders is a great section on the nesting habits of Elegant Trogons which has incredible footage of adults feeding the young in nests. There are wonderful closeups to the extent that even the insects in the trogons bills are identified. There are many other birds shown, but this footage on trogons is really spectacular. This segment also includes a neat interview with Richard C. Taylor who "wrote the book" on trogons, and gives us great details about them here."

...William Glenn, Bird Watcher
Las Cruces, NM

Chiricahuas Spires


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