Green Gold: From the Maya to the Moon

Green Gold is a story of exploration, discovery, life, and death. It traces the phenomenal influence of three New World treasures -- corn, potatoes, and chile peppers -- on the lives of our ancestors, on ourselves, and on the generations to come. It poses the perplexing question: Can we survive if we lose the genetically diverse, wild and weedy ancestors of our valuable food crops?

  • Travel with internationally recognized plant explorers to the mountains and marketplaces of Guatemala in search of the wild relatives of the fiery chile pepper.
  • Discover what may have led to the collapse of the Mayan civilization, once so dependent on its corn crop.
  • Hear culinary experts explain how New World crops have fed the human spirit and improved our quality of life.
  • Look behind steel vault doors to glimpse living treasures worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox.
Cost: $19.95 plus shipping & handling (U.S., Canada & Mexico: $4.00 -- Overseas: $6.95)
Approximate Running Time: 30 minutes

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