Marketing via the Internet

In an introduction to the incredible possibilities of using the Internet for marketing and economic development.Hosts Lowell Catlett and Robert Coppedge explore the fundamentals of marketing on the net.

Beginning with a brief introduction to the basics of marketing concepts, "Marketing via the Internet" will give you the information you need to decide if you should market your business, community or agency on the Internet.

Professor of Economics and Business at New Mexico State University's College of Agricultural & Home Economics, Dr. Catlett is an author and dynamic public speaker with an international reputation. Dr. Catlett also serves as an consultant to many of the Fortune 500 companies to better prepare them for emerging markets, structures and changes.

As Economic Development Specialist for New Mexico State University's Cooperative Extension Service, Dr. Coppedge works directly with county agents throughout New Mexico designing and conducting educational programs in community, business and economic development for business people, community groups and community leaders.

Cost: $19.95 plus shipping & handling (U.S., Canada & Mexico: $4.00 -- Overseas: $6.95)
Approximate Running Time: 58 minutes

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