Coupling Atmospheric Modeling with Mass- Transfer for operational, Real- Time Estimation of Elephant Butte Reservoir Evaporation

Principal Investigator: Dr. Robert Sanderson

Department: Entomology, Plant Path and Wee Science

Co- Principal Investigators: Mr. Max Bleiweiss, Dr. Salim Bawazir, and Dr. Zohrab Samani

Project description: The project plans to investigate methods of assessing water evaporation losses from the Elephant Butte Reservior. An operational model will be developed using weather parameters coupled with atmospheric data for a more accurate method for estimating evaporation losses, discussion making for water budget estimates.

Project Publications

Samani, Z., Bawazir, A., Bleiweiss,M., Skaggs, R., & Schmugge, T. (2009). Using ASTER satellite data to calculate riparian ET in the Middle Rio Grande, New Mexico. International Journal of Remote Sensing. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Samani, Z., & Skaggs, R. (2008). The multiple personalities of water conservation. Water Policy 10, 285 - 304.

Project Presentations

Samani, Z., Bawazir, A., Bleiweiss,M., & Skaggs, R. (2008,March). Estimating riparian evapotranspiration: An application of remote sensing technology. Presentation at the University of Nebraska School of Natural Resources and Water Center, Lincoln.

Samani, Z., Bawazir, A., Bleiweiss,M., & Skaggs, R. (2008, August). How much water does Mesilla Valley agriculture consume? Presentation at the 2008 New Mexico Water Research Symposium, Socorro, NM.

Samani, Z., Bawazir, A., Skaggs, R., & Bleiweiss,M. (2008, July). Using remote sensing to improve agricultural water management. Presentation at the Joint Rio Grande Basin Initiatives Annual Conference, Las Cruces, NM.