Establishing a Urban Landscape Water Conservation Center

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Principal Investigator: Kevin Lombard, Assistant Professor of Horticulture

Department: Plant and Environmental Sciences

CO- Principal Investigator: Rolston St. Hilaire

Project Description: An Urban Landscape Water Conservation Center is integrating multiple resources dealing with landscape water conservation topics into an Internet based library of information and information transfer. Some of the targeted end- Users include: Homeowners, Public and private landscapers, county extension agents and students. Uniting state, county, and other professional websites will help strengthen education and extension outreach. The center will provide information for people unfamiliar with New Mexico and west Texas's dry climate, water conservation, drought information, etc. Modules will be developed to allow easy online access for county Extension agents. Website activity will be evaluated and outcomes will be posted in journals


*NMSU Plant and Environmental Sciences Department *UTEP Chihuahuan Gardens New Mexico Xeriscape Council NMSU CES *Urban Landscape Water Conservation Coordinating Committee