Credit Where Credit is Due

The Las Cruces School Garden Partnership would like to acknowledge the following individuals, funding support and efforts that came before us that help make this possible:

McCune Charitable Foundation for their funding support in development of this School Garden Resource site.

Gema Ortiz, Graduate Student, NMSU College of Education, and our managing editor for her tireless review of the literature in development of this resource book.

Darrol Shillingburg, NMSU Master Gardener Extraordinaire for his thoughtful review and contributions to the School Garden Resource Book.

Olga Pedroza, District 3 Councilor, City of Las Cruces for her leadership and vision in bringing the Las Cruces School Garden Partnership together, and

The authors of Growing the Outdoor Classroom ( ) and Got Dirt? Garden Toolkit for Implementing Youth Garden ( ) for permission to use ideas and materials developed by their efforts.

And the many members and supporters of the School Garden Partnership

Jeff Anderson Extension Agricultural Agent, NMSU Barbara Berger Health and Nutrition Specialist, LCPS Nutrition Services Nancy Cathey Director, Las Cruces Public Schools, Nutrition Services Cristina Dominguez Eshelman Carrie Hernandez Education Program Specialist, NMDA Eduardo Medina Program Coordinator, Small Farms Coordinator, NMSU Gema G. Ortiz Graduate Student, NMSU Olga Pedroza District 3 Councilor, City of Las Cruces Aaron Sharratt Executive Director, La Semilla Food Center Darrol Shillingburg Master Gardener, NMSU Carolyn Small Project Coordinator, Healthy Kids Las Cruces Mo Valko Manager, Sunday Growers' Market, Mountain View Market Rebecca Wiggins-Reinhard Farm Fresh Director, La Semilla Food Center Cristina Dominguez Eshelman Director, Youth and Family Programs

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