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Service Learning For Women (SLW)

Women in agriculture become leaders in meeting the challenges of our global community.

NMSU Service Learning for Women (SLW) seeks to inspire and empower women in agricultural careers so that they can excel as leaders in local and global communities. The program brings together opportunities to learn in areas such as Agricultural Extension methodologies, leadership skills, and the latest agricultural technologies. Their career development is encouraged by opportunities to gain proficiency in presenting, teaching, research and publishing. They are mentored by NMSU College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences faculty. And, with the intention of broadening their professional network and world perspective, the women are introduced to agricultural leaders, local community members, and cultural events.

Why is NMSU SLW necessary?

In many countries of the world, while women do the majority of the farming, they are not given equal access to agricultural positions of power and influence in government, research, and academia. With environmental and food security crises looming in the world, the full partnership of women, and their intimate knowledge of local agricultural needs, is vitally necessary to help solve these problems.

SLW seeks to help bridge the gap in career mentoring, networking, and professional skills that will elevate women to full career potential in a competitive world.

Image of SLW women
2012 Service Learning for Women participants

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