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Francisca Aba Ansah

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  • BSc in Crop Science--Postharvest Technology 2008, University of Ghana
  • Completed Coursework for MSc in Postharvest Science and Technology, University of Ghana

Current Employment:

Concern Universal as Coordinator of Food Security and Livelihood Programme

Work History:

Agroteque Services Limited as a consultant, where she trained small-scale farmers on commercial development for the Millennium Challenge Account-Millennium Development Authority. She helped farmers to develop new products, including a dried okra powder.


Francisca lives in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. It has a population of 2,291, 352. It is located in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana and can be found on the southern part of the map of Ghana, along the coast.

Greatest Satisfaction:

Francisca says, "I derive my greatest satisfaction from finding solutions to pertinent issues that affect the lives of vulnerable people in society." An example of this is how she is working on an agribusiness initiative with business experts and funding agencies to enhance small-scale farming, post harvest and marketing activities.

Future Challenges:

According to Francisca, "One of the challenges Ghana faces is inadequate coordination among the various institutions, government agencies and ministries, leading to many isolated projects which could jointly make a lasting measurable impact on the society." On a more personal level, she says, "As a young professional, my greatest challenge has been working with adults, who do not believe that young people could be competent in what they do." This changes when she has had a chance to prove herself.


Francisca's interests are many. Besides her work, she lists travelling, sightseeing, touring, aerobics, organic farming, entrepreneurship, and reading literature on practical innovations.

Francisca's Family:

"We are a family of four. I have two unique siblings and a lovely mum." Her "warmhearted, hardworking" sister has just completed Msc in Public Health and her "optimistic" brother is preparing to attend a flight school. "My mother is an agro-processor, who produces and sells natural mango and pineapple juice."

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