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Creating a greater ripple effect from the NMSU Service Learning for Women is the purpose of the documentary. While only a limited number of women can come to NMSU for the SLW program, the documentary can reach thousands.


  1. To reach African women and girls with stories of inspiration and possibility for their lives.
  2. To provide the documentary free in Africa to be viewed by as many people as possible.
  3. To reach U.S. audiences with stories of courage, accomplishment, and inspiration.
  4. To entertain all audiences with an artistic film.

The Story:

The documentary captures the stories of extraordinary African women who have navigated cultural and economic challenges to become highly educated, career agricultural scientists. These women are all in some way engaged in transferring knowledge to small-holder African farmers. Most of the farmers they help are women who struggle to survive and grow adequate food for their families' survival. What the agricultural scientists in the documentary also have in common is that they were chosen to travel to the U.S. for a small program at NMSU, where their knowledge is shared and enhanced, and where they can see the world and their place of leadership in it with new perspective.

The film explores the stories behind the success: the struggles, inspirations, sources of courage, and cultural influences. It seeks to answer the question of why these women were able to succeed while such an overwhelming majority of females in Africa continue to be uneducated and have few options beyond marriage and babies as soon as they reach puberty. The film follows the women during their time at NMSU and back home to Africa at work in the fields, teaching the ways to reduce poverty, increase food security, manage natural resources, and empower girls.

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