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Esther Betty Kakai Wamono, Nutritionist

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  • BSc. Food Science & Technology degree from Universidad de la Habana (Cuba)
  • MSc. Applied Human Nutrition degree from Makerere University, Kampala (Uganda).

Current Employment:

UNICEF-Uganda in Karamoja region as Nutrition Officer. She provides technical support to the local government and monitors women and children in UNICEF-supported programs, such as Health, Nutrition, HIV/AIDS, Education, Child Protection, and WASH.

Work History:

Surveillance Officer in Karamoja region. She worked with ACF-USA, where her job was to support the local governments to establish and run the food and a nutrition surveillance system.


Esther lives and works in Moroto, one of the 7 districts of the Karamoja region in North-East Uganda. The total area of Moroto district is 8,516 square kilometres with an estimated population of 210,000 people, who are mainly pastoralists (herdsmen).

Career Aspiration:

Helping women and children of Third World countries. I intend to mentor girls and women in the Karamoja region, which is the most disadvantaged sub-region in Uganda with poor socio-economic conditions, poor infrastructure, and high levels of illiteracy and malnutrition. I want to help them understand the potential they have to solve their problems. In the long term, I dream of becoming an international specialist for maternal, young child, and emergency nutrition who will be on the frontline in the fight against malnutrition and poverty.

Future Challenges:

"Uganda is often thought of as a 'food basket,' yet its malnutrition rates among children under five and women of reproductive age are still very high. Karamoja region, specifically, is the most disadvantaged in Uganda with poor socio-economic conditions, poor infrastructure and a high level of illiteracy. The region also suffers food insecurity due to prolonged droughts and as a result malnutrition among children under 5 years is an emergency situation."


She loves travelling, appreciating nature, seeing people, places and customs, learning languages, reading the Bible, watching movies & series, listening to music and Facebook.

Esther's Family:

"I am the oldest of four children - one sister (a Civil Engineer) and two brothers (a Business Administrator and a Sports Scientist). Sandra loves to teach and she is my best friend, Francis is keen on political affairs and Edward is a great basketball player. My father, a humble and big-hearted man, works with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while my mother, a quiet and sociable woman, is a professional primary school teacher. Both my parents come from Mbale district in Eastern Uganda, but we have always lived in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Because of my father's nature of work my family also lived in Libya, Sudan, Cuba and France."

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