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Angela Manjichi

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  • BSc in Crop Science Agronomy Engineering 2004, Eduardo Mondland University, Mozambique
  • MSc in Environmental Management 2009, University of Notre Dame, Australia

Current Employment:

Angela manages the Business Incubator Center at the Instituto Superior Politecnico de Manica (ISPM), a school of about 550 students that grants BS degrees in five fields. It also does training and extension work with small-scale producers. In her job, Angela guides farmers through planning to running small agro-businesses.

Work History:

As a very early employee of ISPM, Angela was involved in starting the school and all the tasks that required.


Chimoio city, the capital of Manica Province, is Angela's current home. The city is located in central part of Mozambique, 683 miles north of Maputo, the capital. Chimoio has a population of almost 250,000 people. Eighty-percent of the population of Mozambique lives in rural areas and agriculture is the main source of income. Natural resources such as coal and gas are increasingly important.

Greatest Satisfaction:

Angela describes her job as very rewarding because she helps people develop new vision and purpose for their lives. She says, however, "My daughter Aileen gives the greatest satisfaction. She represents all the good in me but also hope and strength to keep going and try and change the world so she can have a better life."

Future Challenges:

Angela mentions several challenges. While the government has made a lot of progress, "gender is one of the challenges in Mozambique" because "in the rural areas you find disparities between men and women." HIV AIDS and malaria cause many deaths in Mozambique and contribute to the poverty. Unfortunately this creates families that are "headed by teenagers and even children of 10 and 12 years," she says.
"But for me the most important challenge is to provide education for all. I honestly believe that the only way to break the poverty cycle is though education," says Angela.


Angela has many interests. "I am now developing a business plan for a recycling company (social enterprise) to be established in Manica and also for a primary school. The first one is because I am concerned about the environment. The second one is because I love work with children, and I think that we model the person during his childhood. I love work in my garden, reading and swimming; I also like to cook. My husband is an ecologist and produces honey and usually I and my daughter are his staff and we help him with the honey. But what I enjoy most is to spend time with my daughter, all my free time and all the activities I mentioned I spend with her."

Angela's Family:

Angela's husband, Jose Monteiro, has a forestry degree and works in Initiative for Community Land, which supports land rights of communities. Her father passed away when she was 16, but left a strong teaching that it is important to educate girls. Although it was a struggle, Angela's mother, Ana Maria made certain that all the children were educated. Sister Natacha has a degree in mechanization, sister Asula a degree in Business Administration, and brother Ayrton is now doing a program in Medicines. Angela expresses gratitude for the help and inspiration her parents, in-laws, and husband have given her.

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