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Chikondi Precious Chabvuta

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  • Bsc. in Environmental Science 2009, University of Malawi, Bunda College of Agriculture
  • Currently, a student at University of Malawi, Chancellor College, studying for an Msc. in Environmental Science (2010-2012).

Current Employment:

Farmers Union of Malawi as a gender specialist. She empowers women in agricultural related fields all across Mawawi.

Work History:

Centre for Community Organization and Development (CCODE) in conjunction with Bunda College. Trained urban slum and rural women in the handling and use of Ecological sanitation manure in their fields. She currently performs this job as a volunteer.


Chikondi lives in Lilongwe, the capital and largest city in Malawi, which has a population of more than 902,000 people. The city is in the Central Region of the country on the Lilongwe River, near the borders with Mozambique and Zambia. The main source of income in Malawi is agriculture and Lilongwe is the hub for that sector.

Greatest Satisfaction:

Helping rural and low-income urban women farmers practice the use of Ecosan manure in their field and seeing their crop yields greatly improve.
Chikondi wants to do more to help the agricultural sector to realize food security for Malawi through organic means. She is also very proud of being an AWARD fellow, meeting Mrs. Obama in South Africa and planting spinach with her.

Future Challenges:

"My country is facing a lot of challenges at present, both politically and socially. But the crisis that I know I will participate in solving is the climate change crisis, which has led to soils being degraded, leading to high dependence on artificial fertilizers. I know I will help in the restoration of nutrients in the soil by making people focus on organic farming. Another crisis that I will participate in is empowering women farmers to find sustainable means of agricultural inputs while saving the environment, and in providing sustainable sanitation solutions in the course of realizing manure."


She likes dancing and pets (she has five dogs now). She also enjoys reading books and mountain hiking.

Chikondi's Family:

She describes herself as the first-born girl in a family of four children. "I have one sister, Tamanda, which means 'praise', and two brothers, the first one is Pempho meaning 'prayer' and the last one is Zaithwa which means 'Thanks'. My mom is a beautiful woman who is my hero and a nurse. My dad is my best friend, who works in the tobacco industry. My sister Tamanda, who is also my confidant, is working for the government. Pempho, who is naughty in a charming way is in first year of university, studying political science. The last boy, Zaithwa who is mum's baby, has just finished high school and is going to start college any time now."

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