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Linda Stout, Donor*

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My Academic Education

  • B.A. English from University of New Mexico
  • M.A. Technical and Professional Writing, New Mexico State University

My Connection to Agriculture and Education: My father was an educator and a farmer. Both he and his father had a strong conviction that education was vital to success. My father also had an almost mythic love of land that exuded from him as naturally as his breath. His parents and my mother's parents were Curry County, New Mexico homesteaders, whose experiences of hardship and deprivation were part of our family identity.

My youth was spent breathing the dry-land dust and hoping for rain and a good crop. My main farming jobs were driving tractors and grain trucks. Just out of college, my brother Bob and I bought a piece of farm land together. Later, we ran our father's farm when he no longer could.

My Inspiration: Traveling has always been a great pleasure for me because of my fascination with how people live in other parts of the world. In fact, travelling has caused me to see myself just as much a world citizen as a local one. Time spent in El Salvador, India and elsewhere has shown me the power of education to transform lives and even whole countries.

My Work History: A fact of life when I graduated from college was gender inequity. During those years, I had some painful experiences that left me with compassion for other women in similar situations. My master's degree from NMSU opened a door for me at IBM where I enjoyed a more equitable and enriching work environment. After my years at IBM, I became a life coach and gravitated to work that focused on empowering women. I saw that leadership skills and mentoring could mean the difference between success and failure for women in careers or those starting businesses.

My Vision: The vision that motivates me arises from work experiences, travel and the inspiration of many leaders I admire, like my father and Wangari Maathai of Kenya. I believe in the compassion and healing power of women in helping to solve the problems of the world. Research clearly supports the view that educating and entrusting women with resources pays off in huge societal benefits, because women pass on their good fortune to others. My vision in doing NMSU Service Learning for Women is that we will nurture and empower women who are already courageously pursuing careers in the agricultural sciences to reach their full leadership potential. I'm particularly grateful to everyone in the NMSU community who shares and supports my dream of helping women live lives of equality, power and prosperity.

*Mark Gladden and I use the term "donator," which is a humorous take-off on "donor." I was uneasy with the term donor, because it seemed to put me in a box, separated from others. And besides, I didn't want someone sneaking up and taking one of my kidneys.

Brenda Seevers - Program Coordinator and Professor, College of ACES

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Dr. Seevers holds the rank of professor. She has been a faculty member in Agricultural and Extension Education at New Mexico State University since 1991. She has a PhD in Agricultural and Extension Education from The Ohio State University and a BS and MS in Foods and Nutrition from Bluffton College, Bluffton, Ohio and Kent State University, Kent Ohio, respectively. Before obtaining her PhD, Dr. Seevers worked as a county extension 4-H agent in Saratoga Springs New York and a state 4-H Specialist in Laramie, Wyoming. She is the first author of the text book, Education Through Cooperative Extension. In the Department, Dr. Seevers teaches many different upper division graduate level classes including, Research Methods, Teaching Methods, Program Planning, Volunteer Management, Youth Programs and International Agricultural Development among others. Dr. Seevers also serves as the graduate program coordinator and oversees the International Development graduate minor.

Dr. Seevers is nationally recognized as a teacher and researcher. She has received numerous teaching awards including the USDA Excellence in College and University Teaching in the Food and Agricultural Sciences, the NACTA Western Region Teaching Fellow and the NMSU Gamma Sigma Delta Distinguished Award for Graduate Teaching and Advisement. She has also received publication awards for outstanding research. Dr. Seevers currently serves as the Managing Editor of the Journal for International Agricultural and Extension Education.

In her spare time (what spare time?), Dr. Seevers enjoys doing things around her home, being with family and friends, playing with her dog, Doogie, and reading. One of her greatest loves is traveling around the world. She has traveled to every continent: North and South America, Europe, Asia, Antarctica and Africa with only Australia yet to go. She enjoys cultural activities such as museums and theater but also enjoys hiking and nature. She has taken a hot air balloon over the Masai Mara in Kenya, seen the ancient pyramids in Egypt and the ruins of Machu Pichu in Peru. She has ridden an elephant in Nepal and played with baby panda bears in China.

Dr. Seevers prescribes to the "Life is Good" philosophy - Do What you Like, Like What you do! She loves teaching, working with students, family and friends and seeing the world.

Mark Gladden - Director of Development

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Mark Isaac Gladden was born in 1977 in Las Cruces, New Mexico where his family continues to work and prosper. He attended New Mexico State University and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Engineering Electronics in 1999. After working as a graphic designer for Spike Networks in Los Angeles, Mark devoted his career to academic and community-service organizations. Mark worked for the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito, CA and for the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley before travelling to Central America to teach English and learn Spanish.

In 2007, he permanently resettled in his hometown of Las Cruces and in late 2008 he accepted a Development Officer position at the College of Arts and Sciences at New Mexico State University. Mark oversees development activities for the entire College.

Philip Lewis - Film Maker

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Dr. Philip Lewis is an accomplished professor, film director and writer. He has produced and directed films and television programs on 4 continents and is an award winning documentary film director (winning an ACE in 1990, and the Local Legacy Award by the Library of Congress in 1999). Focusing mostly on under-represented and oppressed youth in his films, Lewis produced his first documentary in 1989. Over his 30 year career in the industry, he worked for CBS, NBC, MTV and other major media companies throughout Europe and Australia.

His PhD is in Interactive Film from Queensland University of Technology (Australia). He has been doing research on different artistic and alternative film technologies since 2006. He and his family have been enjoying living in Las Cruces, New Mexico since 2010. Prior to his work at NMSU, he was the Director of the Arts Management Programme for Oxford Brooks University (UK) at their Budapest, Hungary campus.

Phil feels compelled to do this project because it is a subject that he cares about on many levels. Lewis has been a strong advocate for women all his life and feels this project works toward that end. He thinks the story is one that needs to be told and needs to get heard.

Connie Padilla - ACES Web Developer

Connie Padilla has been with Media Productions/Agricultural Communications for 11 years, working as the College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environment Science's web developer for 9 years. Prior to moving to New Mexico Padilla lived in North Dakota and California where she worked in the newspaper industry.

Media Productions has a long history of multicultural and international work. Padilla has worked internationally in Iraq, assisting with technology training for Agricultural Communicators there as well as providing support for the department's many multilingual/multicultural materials.