PLEASE NOTE: Full Proposals are INVITED based on competitive peer review of Pre- proposal submissions

Proposal Process

FY 2009 Full Proposal Guidelines

The Southwest Consortium mini-grant program provides up to a maximum of $50,000 per year for up to two years of funding to each accepted project.The mini-grant selection process is competitive, and is based on competitive peer reviews. Submitted proposals are evaluated by external peer reviewers, and internally by the Steering Committee and the Scientific Committee.

The review process includes 1) PREPROPOSAL screening by the Steering and Scientific Committees 2) INVITATION for full proposals based on preproposal screening for projects which best meet the Consortium's goals and criteria 3) EXTERNAL PEER REVIEW and internal review of all new full proposals 4) internal review of all renewal requests 5) selection and awards to projects (final number is based on available funds).

New (first year) proposals are INVITED based on competitive peer review of preproposal submissions. Renewal (second year)proposals are continuations of already funded projects based on an internal review of research progress.