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New Mexico State University's Cooperative Extension Service is your local partner in stressful times and can help you in your crisis response. Extension is our statewide informal, educational system with offices located in every county.

If your crisis involves preparedness, security, procedural steps, regulations, contact information, official protocols, or tips for local citizens, Extension has the technology network, personnel assistance, and financial resources to help you respond quickly.

Emergency Preparedness for Bio-security in New Mexico

Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan

A plan has been developed by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture to:

  1. Provide immediate and effective response to foreign or domestic animal or plant incursions into agriculture and the food industry
  2. Return agriculture to preincursion status in a timely manner

The plan includes training and an agency response mechanism for the New Mexico Department of Agriculture. The department has an Emergency Response Team to coordinate emergency response and assess threats. When warranted, the NMDA director or its director for agricultural biosecurity will activate Rapid Response Teams to mitigate threats.

Upcoming Events

The New Mexico Biosecurity Conference - July 20-21, 2004

Reporting Threats

  • Livestock-related threats should be reported to the New Mexico Livestock Board at (505) 841-6161
  • Plant-related threats should be reported to the New Mexico Department of Agriculture at (505) 646-3007
  • Emergency operations of the federal Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service maintains a 24-hour phone line at (800) 601-9327
  • Cooperative Extension Service offices are located in each county. To find the one nearest you go to:

To be part of New Mexico Homeland Security, contact:
Paul Gutierrez, Associate Dean and Director of Cooperative Extension Service
P.O Box 30003, MSC 3AE
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8003
505-646-3015 FAX 505-646-5975

Agricultural Critical Issues Response Team
Agriculture is important to New Mexico. Agricultural faculty at New Mexico State University are available to help you examine issues related to America's food supply and natural resources.

Extension Resources:
  • Statewide Town Hall Meeting
    Dec 3, 2001 on security and preparedness.
  • Extension Learning Events
    Extension Learning Events are live internet-based presentations that are broadcast to over 50 statewide locations. The events are archived and can be viewed 24 hours a day from any browser.
  • Extension Resources for Helping Families and Children Cope
    Both children and adults are searching for ways to deal with the traumatic events that happened on September 11. Extension has found Web sites, articles and publications that offer information on how adults might talk to children about terrorism, crises, and stress.
  • Extension Resources for Biosafety: Facts and Answers
    Many questions about how to deal with mail and what the facts about anthrax and other biological agents have surfaced since the attack on America. Extension has found Web sites, articles and publications on these topics.
  • Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN)
    The Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) links members from across the U.S. and various disciplines -- so they can use and share resources to reduce the impact of disasters. From food safety to field safety, from the physical to the psychological, and from governmental process to community development, EDEN has resources you can use.
  • The Emergency Email Network
    The Emergency Email Network has established levels of security based on a bioterrorism alert system. This system is set up for you to receive Emergency Email notification of natural disasters or other emergencies in your area.