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Youth Activities at NMSU: On-campus activities for youth to live, learn and thrive

NMSU faculty and staff who work with youth on campus have come together to share ideas, resources and research findings. There are several activities on the NMSU campus for youth, from science and math programs to sports activities. If you are part of the NMSU community providing outreach to youth, and wish to become part of this initiative, contact Barbara Chamberlin (learninggames@nmsu.edu) with information about your program. She can include you on the listserv.

If you are looking for opportunities for youth on campus, here is a list of existing programs and contact information for each program.

NMSU Learning Games Lab

    Learning Games Lab provides youth research sessions, testing multimedia projects throughout the year.


PREP: Pre-freshman Engineering Program

    Six-week summer program for middle and high school students in the Las Cruces, Hatch, and Gadsden school districts. Students take courses in math, science, and engineering and earn school credits. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.



    The Institute for Excellence in Math and Science creates games and animations for 6th and 7th grade students and teachers.


Summer Recreation Program

    A program for youth ages 4-12. It is also a swim school. A deaf camp was conducted last year and possibly this year. Is interested in using the Wii more often.


TRIO Educational Talent Search

    Interested in involving Gadsden students in all the programs at NMSU, working on transportation. Work with approximately 600 7th through 12th grade students in Gadsden ISD to prepare them to complete a four year college degree.


TRIO Upward Bound Program

    This program will serve 85 9th through 12th grade students in the Gadsden and LCPS school district. The program goal is to successfully enroll and graduate participants from a four year college.


American Indian Program/Chicano Programs/Black Programs

Southern NM Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Aerospace Academy

    An after-school and summer program to encourage underrepresented students into the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


Participatory Action Research

    Participatory action research for students in the social justice field.


Young Women in Computing

CREST Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

    Summer programs for high school and community college students, focusing on bioinformatics and computer science.


STEM Outreach

    Scientifically Connected Communities (SC2) provides K-12 teachers with professional development. Southern NM Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Aerospace Academy (SNM SEMAA) and Academy for Young Scientists (AYS) provide K-12 students with STEM classes, camps, and authentic field excursions.


4-H Youth Program Development

    Provides youth with opportunities to learn skills, gain knowledge, and have fun.


Outreach and Engagement

    The environment, as well as energy efficiency and conservation, are the two major areas of focus for this program.


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