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First Annual
Edible Book Festival

Edible Book Festival Photos

Coordinated by the HRTM 443: Meetings and Events Class:

The International Edible Book Festival, commonly known as Edible Book Day, is celebrated around the world on—or near—April 1. It brings together book lovers, food lovers, and book artists. Held since 2000, this global banquet is open to anyone who wishes to participate. Edible books are made and displayed at small events, photos are taken of the books, and the books are then eaten. The edible books must either look like books, include text that can be read, or be inspired in some way by a book. They must be entirely edible but can be of any size and be inspired by any type of book. The events are held at various locations around the world, such as museums, book art centers, bookstores, libraries, and cultural centers. Sometimes tickets are sold for the events, where money is raised for organizations related to books. History of the International Edible Book Festival

This the first year that the School of HRTM is participating in this event. This year's event will be judged in person with the awards ceremony being held virtually. Anyone is welcome to submit an entry.

Entry Rules:

  1. Each entry should depict a literary work (fiction or nonfiction) or a literary character. Puns on entry titles are especially encouraged!
  2. Entries must be mostly edible (occasional non-edible props permitted).
  3. Entrants must register by April 1st. Entry submission information will be at the end of this registration form.
  4. Submissions will be delivered to 100 West Café at 940 College Dr., by 10am on April 3rd to be considered for judging. Judging will begin at noon. A Zoom link for the awards presentation will be sent to all entrants upon registration.
  5. The group entry category will have one prize for the group to determine how to split.
  6. Submissions must include a sheet with the Title of the Submission, and a photo of or the book that inspired your creation (we will return upon completion of the event). There is not a fee for participating in this event.
  7. Prizes will be given for:

         * Best Group Creation (One Prize Per Group)
         * Best Depiction
         * Most Creative/Best Visual Representation
         * Most Appetizing
         * Funniest/Puniest

Register Here

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