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Adults and youth spend time together, learning new skills, developing hidden talents, making new friends, and having fun. Flexibility to fit your interests. Do you like birdwatching, cooking gardening, photography, or working with animals?


Adults of all ages who want to share their knowledge and talents with young people through a quality youth development program.


Adults and youth spend time together, learning new skills, developing hidden talents, making new friends and having fun. Flexibility to fit your interests. Do you like birdwatching, cooking, gardening, photography, or working with animals? There are many interesting projects and fun things to do as a part of 4-H. You'll enjoy working with young people, and learn right along with them! Imagine the satisfaction of watching a young person blossom. The goal of 4-H is to help young people develop as individuals and as responsible and productive citizens in their communities. Adult volunteers who spend time with 4-H members are key in this process. You can help form the foundation on which productive citizens are built. 4-H volunteer leaders have many opportunities to acquire training, learn new skills, attend conferences, and meet people.


Contact your County Extension Office for information on how to become involved in local clubs and groups.

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2019 New Mexico 4-H Adult Forum

Image of 2019 Adult Forum

When - November 9, 2019

Where - Alamogordo, NM

Theme - 4-H Rising Above the Rest

Adult Forum Registration Scholarships

New Mexico 4-H Adult Forum: First Timer Registration Scholarships

Eight, $20 registration scholarship applications will be available in August for 4-H Leaders attending the Forum for the first time. You must submit a completed 4-H Adult Forum registration form AND payment, along with your completed Scholarship application. If you are selected, you will receive the scholarship funds following the event. Registration materials and the Scholarship Application form will be available in August from the New Mexico 4-H Web site (under the 'Adult Volunteers Leader' tab) or from your County Extension Office. Please consider participating in this year's 4-H Adult Forum where you will meet other adults involved in 4-H; hear a motivational speaker; participate in workshops, a community service project, Make and Take activities, silent auction and more! Come for a full day of fun, networking and education. Registration includes the workshops, speaker, special activities, lunch, and breaks - it is a bargain at $40 if registered before October 15.

NEW! Gerry Copeland New Adult Leader Scholarship

Gerry Copeland was a 4-H leader for several years, but her participation grew in 4-H after her own children graduated. She worked as a 4-H volunteer for 30 years by working on committees, working with the county 4-H ambassadors and taking leadership roles with 4-H leader's association events. She believed in the importance of giving 4-H volunteer leaders the professional development they needed to guide 4-Hers.

When she died in December, 2018 after a brief battle with breast cancer, her friends and family established this award for other 4-H adult leaders in New Mexico, so that they could also grow their skills, confidence, and passion for the 4-H program.

One scholarship of $20.00 will be awarded to a volunteer from each county attending 2019 NM 4-H Forum. To nominate a volunteer complete the attached form by September 1, 2019.

Adult Forum Workshop Proposal Form

Adult Forum Workshop Proposal

4-H Leader's Association

The 4-H Leaders' Association is open to all enrolled adult 4-H leaders. Click on the following link for more information:

Executive Board

Three 4-H leaders from each of the four Extension 4-H districts will be selected by an application process (application may be submitted by the applicant or by the county agent with permission of the applicant) to serve on the Executive Board of the New Mexico State 4-H Leaders' Association. The tenure of the Executive Board members will be three years. One third of the membership will be replaced each year. Executive Board members will begin their term at the meeting held during the annual 4-H Leaders' Forum.

Salute to Excellence Awards

Please send nomination forms to the address below:

New Mexico State University
State 4-H Office
P.O. Box 30003 MSC 3AE
Las Cruces, NM 88003

Please click on the the link below for more information regarding the Naitonal 4-H Salute to Excellence Awards and nomination forms.

2013 New Mexico 4-H Adult Forum Proceedings

Cloverbud Projects

Hands-on activities have been developed in McKinley County to enhance Cloverbud project materials, allowing Cloberbuds to experience learning the 4-H way be completing projects with limited help from a caring adult. Cloverbuds are then afforded the opportunity for non-competitive recognition by exhibiting their items at the Bi-County fair.

Instructor: Kathy Landers, McKinley County Program Director

McKinley County Cloverbud book for extra projects is available at link below:

Building on Your 4-H Knowledge

Discover opportunities for you to increase your skills in working with members. Learn about e-learning modules, web site resources, printed resources, state trainings, state leadership opportunities, leader awards, WRLF and more!

Instructor: Linda Schultz, 4-H Youth Development Specialist

Helpful, Handy Home How 2's

This is a new project designed to be used by all age groups and will be available next year. Do it yourself home improvement/repair is a way to boost confidence in self and save money.

Instructor: Kay Benham, Los Alamos Administrative Assistant

The Art of Getting Along

Difficult? I don't know any difficult people, do you? What could be hard about managing 4-H members, their specific personalities and their parents! This workshop will explore 7 behavior types and coping strategies best suited to the situation.

Instructor: Mindy Turner, 4-H Youth Development Specialist

Hippology: A 4-H Contest for Any Horse Lover

Hippology is the study of the horse, and anything related to the horse. It is also a contest in 4-H for anyone who loves horses, whether they own a horse or not.

Instructor: Melissa Woodall, Dona Ana County 4-H Leader

OK, text me

As time pushes ahead, so does the use of technology. Today's youth with phones in hand, have long conversations not saying a word; using a language they have created. In this workshop you will have an opportunity to crack the code of text messaging and chat rooms, to learn what today's teenagers are really talking about.

Instructor: Amy Zemler, 4-H Activities Specialist

2012 New Mexico 4-H Adult Forum Proceedings

What's Bugging You?

Insects are always all around us! Help 4-H'ers become aware of these interesting creatures, how they develop and feed, how to identify them and understand their roles in the environment and our lives. Explore the 4-H Entomology manual, various learning activities, and how to make an award-winning collection.

Instructor: Dr. Carol Sutherland

Leading Small Animal Projects and Making it Educational AND Fun

The workshop will provide ideas and activities to make teaching about small animals and showmanship skills fun. Included will be ideas and tools for teaching beyond the 4-H project materials.

Instructor: Molly Hayes, 4-H Leader

4-H Club Management

This workshop will focus on club organization, including paperwork, scheduling, information flow, developing teen leaders, recruiting project leaders, and running meetings. Hands-on team building activities and games will also give you ideas for your club.

Instructor: Melissa Woodall, 4-H Leader

Exploring our New Mexico Cultural Projects

Come learn about our New Mexico culture, its crafts and food while exploring the three 4-H cultural projects. Participate in a few hands-on activities as we demonstrate some of the projects completed at the New Mexico 4-H Home Ec School. Teach your 4-H members about the projects when you return home.

Instructors: Teresa Dean and Anne-Marie Wilson, County Agents

Are We All Inclusive? Including Children with Special Needs in Extension Programs

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the needs of children with disabilities in 4-H activities? This workshop will cover basic information about different types of disabilities and will incorporate hads-on activities that demonstrate strategies to work with children with disabilities, ways to modify activities and ways to involve all learners.

Instructor: Kristin Stair, Assistandt Professork, Agricultural Extension Education

S.A.F.E.T.Y. Safe Activities for Engaging & Training Youth

Get packing and start planning your next 4-H camp! Join us as we take a look at safety procedures to plan for before, during and after camp for all age groups. What to look for, how to reduce the risks before hand, "what if" scenarios, etc. Hands-on activities include teaching simple, safe games for all age groups and activities that don't need any materials / equipment.

Instructors: Marcella Talamante, County Agent & Linda Francisco, 4-H Program Assistant

4-H Build a Million

4-H Build a Million Club is a curriculum and website designed to educate middle and high school-aged youth on investing, budgeting, using credit cards, stocks and other aspects of personal finance. The program combines guidance for club leaders with Web tools for youth.

Instructor: Fahzy Abdul-Rahaman, Extension Family Resource Management Specialist

Favorite Food Contest Tips

See creative Favorite Food Contest displays and ideas while learning tips and hints for preparing your 4-H members for this fun contest. Updated guide tip sheets and score sheets will be available. Sample questions that judges might ask will be discussed.

Instructors: Shelly Hathorn and Connie Moyers, County Agents

Livestock Think a Thon

Are you at a loss for new ideas for your livestock project meetings? Do you have members that are interested in livestock but they're not sure if it's the right choice for them? In this workshop, we will explore the Livestock Skillathon Kits available for check-out from the State 4-H office. Join us as we delve into the sheep and swine kits for hands-on activities. We will also introduce the horse, dairy, and beef kits as well.

Instructors: Janelle Duffey, County Agent and Michelle Stearns, 4-H Leader

100 Community Service Ideas for the New Mexico 4-H Centennial

To celebrate the 4-H Centennial, ideas were compiled.

2011 New Mexico 4-H Adult Forum Proceedings